9 thoughts on “Emma Throop

  1. Niki Gough says:

    Absolutely amazing to watch the bond between horse and rider. Brilliant!

  2. Maria Godby says:

    A beautiful bond between horse and rider

  3. Genevieve Beck says:

    Inspirational! A joy to watch.


    Stunning!!!!!! The bond between the horse and Emma is beautiful. The trust is outstanding. I loved watching this and hope to ssee more!!

  5. Meg says:

    Lovely to watch

  6. Rosemary Arrowmith says:

    We’ve known Emma since she was 6 and even then she had an affinity with ponies and horses which is shown in the way she has the trust of her horses

  7. Dean Throop says:

    I love it, watched it at least a hundred times, it just gets better and better with each viewing. So proud of you Emma, definitely has that Wow Factor and such Variety. It’s inspiring and emotional to watch, and so lovely to see that connection, timing and trust between you, Inis and now Benz as well.

  8. Emma Briggs says:

    I’ve know ever for a few years now and she truly is an inspiration. The bond between her horses is incredibly, it’s so lovely to watch. I totally admire my amazing friend and I’m sure she will go on and be an absolute star in the future.
    She made me start doing it with my boys as I can’t stop doing it too, not quite as good as Emma but will get there.

  9. Phillip says:

    Amazing . Great to see such horsemanship .

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