9 thoughts on “David Catchpole

  1. Donna Pearson says:

    Beautiful to see a donkey being worked and you can clearly see how much these 2 love each other- so appropriate at Christmas too. Love it

  2. Murray Shepherd says:


  3. Michelle Wilkinson says:

    Lovely to see such harmony ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Faith Bedford says:

    Love to see donkeys being worked. Great relationship between the two.

  5. glenn hardy says:

    i have never seen donkeys perform and jumps a great companionship between them both

  6. Vivien Street says:

    Amazing talent

  7. Sue Clovelly says:

    Now I’m REALLY impressed and will be copying!

  8. Jean Catchpole says:

    He has a great talent so gently

  9. Alison Threlfall says:

    Dear little donkey, lovely man. So good to see a trusting relationship between man and animal.

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