Welcome to Horsemanship Showcase Grand Contest

Scoring opens November 11th

Get your entries in!

The top three entries from each category will go forward to the celebrity judges FINAL on 11th December online at the International Horsemanship Showcase.

All entries will be subject to public vote during the time that the Contest remains open. There will be three categories for each vote:

Horsemanship – defined by the harmonious relationship, connection, effortless cues, and positive responses.

Showmanship – defined by creativity, choreography, timing, costumes, music, and wow factor!

Degree of difficulty – exactly what it says!

After popular demand, we have developed the contest and the format for the Horsemanship Showcase grand Contest 2021!

We will be having two categories this year!!

Novice – Intermediate – non professional, grass roots and up – you know who you are and which group you should place yourself in!
Advanced – ie Professionals, horse trainers, instructors, those competing at a high level or those of you perfecting your craft!  you know who you are and which group you should place yourself in!


Hayley Crompton

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Alison Cheetham

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Pauline & Jack

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Anita Krylova

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Arina Libontova

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Tatiana Nosova

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David Catchpole

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