The Horsemanship Showcase Contest is back and 2021 sees it get bigger and better!

This year we will be running monthly contests between March and October, leading up to the Grand Contest at the ONLINE event, opening December 11th!

We want to see what you’ve got! Show us the very best of what you can do with your horse! Be creative, there are no rules (well there are some, listed below, but none that will rain on your parade!). We welcome every discipline, all ages, and any combination. Work with multiple horses or in teams, on the ground, at liberty, in the saddle, Liberty riding, bareback, bridle-less. Inspire us and others with what you can do!

August Contest Results

judged by Ben Atkinson

Horsemanship Showcase League

PositionNameMarch ContestApril ContestMay ContestJuly ContestAugust ContestSeptember ContestTotal
1Arina Libontova9.77/109.35/109.83/109.94/109.92/109.89/1058.70
2Tatiana Nosova-7.83/109.68/109.89/109.82/10 - 9.79/109.63/1056.64
3Alison Cheetham7.30/107.82/109.68/10--9.39/1034.19
4Jeannette Martens--9.17/109.02/108.97/10-27.16
5Nina Prince-9.53/10----9.53
6Anna Thomas9.38/10-----9.38
7Fenna Wondergem-----9.19/109.19
8Annette Ansell6.67/10-----6.67
9Jane Hohanson5.78/10-----5.78




Anyone can enter the Contests. You can enter each month’s contest once per horse. If you would like to enter the same contest with another horse, that is no problem, but you will need to purchase two entries.

The entry fee is £20 for the monthly Contests.

To enter the Grand ONLINE Contest, you must be a Horsemanship Showcase ONLINE ticket holder (£35). Please see details below.

Each month’s Contest will remain open for approximately three weeks – dates below. You can submit your video at any time for all Contests, but voting will not begin until the ‘open’ date. You can enter at any time during the run up to a Contest or within the period that each Contest is open.
We advise getting in early so people have plenty of time to vote for you!
Once you have paid your entry fee, please send your videos by email to: organisedequestrian@gmail.com (we recommend using www.wetransfer.com). You can also send smaller files via WhatsApp to: 07958527693. In both cases, please state your full name and which Contest the entry is for.


All entries will be subject to public vote during the time that the Contest remains open. There will be three categories for each vote:

Horsemanshipdefined by the harmonious relationship, connection, effortless cues, and positive responses

Showmanshipdefined by creativity, choreography, timing, costumes, music, and wow factor!

Degree of difficultyexactly what it says!

Each category holds a maximum value of ten stars. To complete your vote, you must give the entry one to ten stars in each category. 

Voting is open to anyone and you do not need to pay to vote.


Once the contest is closed, the three entries with the highest number of stars will go forward to the judges final, where a winner will be selected by a celebrity judge! The judge each month will be announced once the Contest has closed! 

The final will go live, and the winner will be announced, the week after the close of each Contest.


1st Prize – £200

2nd Prize – £50

3rd Prize – £50


  • The winner of each contest will be automatically entered into the Grand Contest at the ONLINE event on December 11th, for a chance to win £2000!
  • (Subject to COVID restrictions) The final of September’s Contest will take place LIVE at Horsemanship Showcase, Bury Farm, Buckinghamshire on 20th November. The contestants will be invited to perform in front of a judges’ panel and a live audience for their chance to win!
  • The highest scoring member in the league will automatically be entered into the final at the ONLINE Contest on 11th December for their chance to win £2000.
  • The first and second highest scoring members of the league will be invited to perform a spotlight in one of the smaller arenas at the LIVE SHOW on 20th November at Bury Farm.


Throughout the Contests, a League table will be kept with everyone’s scores. The table will be up on the Horsemanship Showcase website throughout the year and there will be special bonuses for the three highest scoring members in the League once the final monthly Contest has closed!


March Contest – Opens March 15th / Closes April 1st – CLOSED

April Contest – Entries open for submission NOW – Voting Opens April 12th / Closes April 30th

May Contest – Voting Opens May 17th / Closes June 4th

July Contest – Voting Opens July 12th / Closes July 30th

August Contest – Voting Opens August 9th / Closes September 3rd

September Contest – Voting Opens September 13th / Closes October 1st


After popular demand, we have developed the contest and the format for the Horsemanship Showcase grand Contest 2021!

We will be having two categories this year!!

Novice – Intermediate – non professional, grass roots and up – you know who you are and which group you should place yourself in!
Advanced – ie Professionals, horse trainers, instructors, those competing at a high level or those of you perfecting your craft!  you know who you are and which group you should place yourself in!



  • £1500
  • An invitations to be part of the Horsemanship Showcase Event
  • An interview with Organised Equestrian
  • An invitation to judge a future contest

2NDRosette and Goodie Bag
3RDRosette and Goodie Bag



  • £500
  • An invitations to be part of the Horsemanship Showcase Event
  • An interview with Organised Equestrian
  • An invitation to judge a future contest

2NDRosette and Goodie Bag
3RDRosette and Goodie Bag

The grand contest will be taking place on the 11th December as part of the International Horsemanship Showcase event and will be judged by our celebrity panel.

You can send in your video as soon as it is ready via the online booking system.

The video’s will not be open for scoring until the 10th November

All video’s will be scored in the three categories and the the top 3 scored in each category will make the final for judging!


  • No tie downs i.e., side reins, martingales, flash nosebands, dropped nosebands etc.
  • You must be a Horsemanship Showcase ONLINE ticket holder to enter the Grand Contest.
  • To enter the Monthly Contests, you must have paid your entry fee of £20, or your video will not be posted.  
  • Videos must be no longer than 6 minutes.
  • You may edit together many pieces of footage, or film in real time.
  • Anyone suspected of cheating by obtaining false votes, will be immediately disqualified.
  • No slander on social media of other people’s entries will be tolerated. Anyone found to have posted negative comments will be immediately disqualified.



Love, the Horsemanship Showcase Team!