Louise & Alan

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38 thoughts on “Louise & Alan

  1. Tina Bell says:

    Fantastic work such a bond keep it up
    Much love ❤️

  2. Claire says:

    I have watched Louise and Alan perform and they are breathtaking! Such an amazing team!

  3. Lesley McCormick says:

    Absolutely a joy and very emotional to witness as I was actually the judge. The sheer dedication and love of this lady is so apparent in her training and the bond and trust her horse places in her shines through

  4. Angela Nicholls says:

    So much consistent dedication and hard work to train to this standard.Truly amazing

  5. Sheree Morris says:

    Wow. Horse and handler look so relaxed together and at one. Beautiful to watch.

  6. Karyn Kelly says:

    These two have that amazing connection which any horsey person knows it doesn’t happen all the time! But these two just click together. I’m mesmerized by the trust they have with each other

  7. Hilary Kirk says:

    Great partnership

  8. Charlie Madden says:

    Amazing ! What a partnership! So inspirational 🙌

  9. Carol says:

    Absolutely incredible

  10. LUCY ANNE says:

    Lovely partnership

  11. Tally says:

    Incredible horsemanship

  12. Natalie Hudson international AMHA Carded Judge says:

    Vote for this incredible lady and her wonderful Alan there journey has been personal to Louise and the whole of the miniature industry are so proud off them both.

  13. Julie Johns says:

    Hard Work!!
    Team work!
    The Bond!
    The results will come!
    This video says it all!
    Amazing partnership.

  14. Joan yanner says:

    Great work amazing..

  15. Carrie stephens says:

    They are totally amazing. The horse owner bond is so strong. He’s a spirited chap so getting here has been tough but they clearly live and trust each other. Both determined to do their best to wonderful effect

  16. Jennifer Hammett says:

    Excellent connection between Louise and Allan they have both worked really hard

    1. Meg says:

      Beautiful! Horse looks like he really enjoys working with his handler 🙂

  17. Angela Nicholls says:

    Absolutely amazing video Sheer hard work and dedication .

  18. Carrie stephens says:

    Amazing bond and talent

  19. Tina says:

    Absolutely wonderful and amazing to watch.

  20. Julie Johns says:

    It all starts with a bond, and what an amazing bond and partnership these two have.
    Hard work!
    Respect and love for each other.
    I think the video says it all “The Results will come”

  21. Allison Wilson says:

    Committment rewarded 👌

  22. Jacqui Hall says:

    What a joy to watch a true partnership 10/10

  23. WayneWalker.Training says:

    Lovely to watch, what an amazing team love it.
    Very talented Louise wishing her every success in the future

  24. Karen Hamilton -smith says:

    The partnership these two have is incredible . Amazing to watch

  25. Roma says:

    The hard work and patience is shown in the performance. You can see the trust the horse has with its handler. The care and gentleness in the training is amazing a truly beautiful bond. AMAZING

  26. Jo Dunbar says:

    Brilliant – I felt very emotional watching it 😍

  27. Leann stutt says:

    The dream team just amazing to watch even better to have front row seats

  28. Louise wolstenholme says:

    I work with Louise and I didn’t realize what it was she did with Alan and Steve . Omg it’s amazing and what a lovely partnership and so much hard work must have gone into this xx

  29. Vicki Marsh says:


  30. Jane says:

    Beautiful partnership,a joy to watch

  31. Mandy inman says:

    Well done. Great work.

  32. Amanda savage says:

    I love the dedication and the amazing bond between you both.

  33. AlexL says:

    KING ALAN!! 😀

  34. AlexL says:

    KING ALAN!! 😀 Long live the teenytiny pony that thinks he’s warmblood size. Can’t wait to see where you go!

  35. Philppa townsend says:

    Lovely partnership Alan is only young and not the easiest Louise has worked very hard to get to this level

  36. Kim Jackman says:

    We build the strongest bonds with our horses when working with them with respect, especially when it’s a 2 way street! This team demonstrate that perfectly and deserve to win.

  37. Elaine Beston says:

    A joy to watch you both ,I get I lump in my throat watching this beautiful bond you both have between you, video shows hard work, dedication, commitment.

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