Amelia Hart & Captain

Amelia Hart & Captain
 9.59/10 (70)

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10 thoughts on “Amelia Hart & Captain

  1. Nicola says:

    Beautiful partnership between this young lady and her beautiful horse

  2. Louise Fife says:

    Beautiful to watch

  3. Sasha Hart says:

    A very talented young man. Really looking forward to seeing this gorgeous guy progress.

  4. Dave Tonks says:

    Stunning control!

  5. Marie Sever says:

    Brilliant for such a young lady.

  6. Anne Jones says:

    Beautiful video

  7. Pippa says:

    I loved your video last year and this year is even better. Well done

  8. Augusta dudley says:

    Special bond

  9. Joy Ostle says:

    Exciting display

  10. Barbara Leach says:

    It’s a brilliant video Milly. What a team you and Captain make!

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