Tilly & Polo

Tilly & Polo

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5 thoughts on “Tilly & Polo

  1. Lorraine Squires Shaw says:

    Well done Tilly, you have worked so hard to achieve all this with Polo, especially as you have trained him all yourself. What a special relationship!

  2. Kerry Jenkinson says:

    Absolutely awesome partnership. Totally pure and kind . The relationship here is so beautifully ego free and genuinely beautiful to see.

  3. Caroline Brown says:

    Wow Tilly what a special partnership you have with Polo.
    Amazing to watch.
    What a talented young lady you are.
    An inspiration to many people.
    Doing what you love to do

  4. Kadence says:

    What a magical relationship you and Polo have. I loved watching your video especially the end clips where you guys are relaxing in the grass. Very cool.

  5. Carly says:

    What an amazing video. You’ve done such a range of things together and have such a lovely relationship ❤️

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