Martin Yardley

Martin Yardley

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9 thoughts on “Martin Yardley

  1. Deborah Nelson says:

    gentle training, trust between the 2.

  2. Graham Bellingham says:

    The level of skill this young lad shows with his horses truly amazes me, it fills me full of emotion to watch him.

  3. Brenda Johnston says:

    A variety of skills employed throughout, with a great results and bond with both of these youngters who are clearly not the laid back type.

  4. Charlotte crittenden says:

    I’ve watched Martin take these 2 wild ponies and turn them into what is shown in video in a very short period of time hes dedication determination and patience is
    amazing to watch a total credit to him

  5. Gillian Blamire says:

    An absolute pleasure to watch.

  6. Mandy Haley says:

    What an amazing young man and so lovely to see the trust he has built with these 2 ponies

  7. Pauline Gavan says:

    absolutely brilliant, he must have spent hours with this horse, well done you.

  8. Kadence says:

    Wow what you have achieved is impressive. They behave more like puppy dogs than ponies. Very cool.

  9. Meg says:

    Wow is there anything you and you ponys can’t do together!! Amazing! such a natural talent. A lovely video of your partnership

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