Edi & Ori

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6 thoughts on “Edi & Ori

  1. Larisa Lucy Tasker says:

    I really enjoyed watching this!

  2. Sandra says:

    Both are clearly in communication with each other. The mutual respect and love is evident.

  3. Emma Williamson says:

    Edi has amazing horsemanship skills. She is very dedicated to her ponies and has great talent a d passion for what she does.

  4. Avril cassells says:

    Edi had a great connection with her horse and spends a lot of dedicated time to achieve the mutual respect from her horse which I feel is so important and what so many people lack, really enjoyed the video showing great horsemanship

  5. Will Mason says:

    Really enjoyed watching this video a real skill there, enjoyed it.

  6. Jules says:

    There is an incredible bond between Eddie and her horses. You can see from the video just how relaxed and happy this naturally worried horse is with her. Well done Eddie a relationship that we can all aspire to achieve with our own four legged friends.

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