Chelsea Roper

Chelsea Roper

 9.68/10 (87)

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9 thoughts on “Chelsea Roper

  1. Julie Pearson says:

    Absolutely brilliant

  2. Anne Wright says:

    Shows a lot of hard work and commitment and trust from horses.

  3. Joyce Robinson says:

    So talented and a joy to watch

  4. Samantha says:

    Amazing. Shows such commitment, skill and trust. Truly beautiful

  5. M Wright says:

    Required a high level of skill, courage and confidence to achieve this standard.

  6. Bev Lasckey-Hill says:

    Such patience, dedication and perseverance shows in the trust her horses show her. Lovely video to watch her skills demonstrated beautifully.

  7. Kadence says:

    Great video. The romen riding was very cool to watch. Super talented. 🙂

  8. James Rayner says:

    Wow this is incredible!

  9. Duncan Cameron says:

    Brilliant two-way understanding.

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