Ecole de Légèreté

Philippe Karl


Philippe Karl, former Ecuyer of the famous Cadre Noir de Saumur in France, is today one of the leading figures in the Art of Classical Riding. An outspoken critic of coercive training methods, he offers any motivated rider a classical alternative based on understanding, competence and respect for the horse.

Philippe Karl’s first priorities are respect and love for the horse. In his Ecole de Légèreté (School of Lightness), any use of force or coercive means is strictly unacceptable. This includes training aids such as draw reins and side reins, as well as tight nosebands.​

After leaving Saumur, Philippe Karl founded the Ecole de Légèreté (School of Lightness) in 2004 to share his philosophy and more than 40 years’ experience with people who want to know how to school horses of all breeds with kindness and respect, even to the highest levels.

The Ecole de Légèreté is growing rapidly and now offers training courses in 10 countries around the world. Riding teachers can become licensed to teach the philosophy of Légèreté in Philippe Karl’s name only after several years of training and passing a set of stringent practical and theoretical exams.

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