Heartland Equestrian

Kim Dyer

Soul Connection

Kim is the founder of Heartland Equestrian, and teaches Liberty and Bridleless clinics in Australia and video sessions Internationally.

She resides in the beautiful southern part of Australia near Melbourne on over 100 acres of rolling tranquil hills where she keeps her herd of horses.

She has a beautiful gift to create a soul connection for people with their horses and she is a professional animal communicator. She understands the intuitive connection between horses and humans especially at liberty.

She encompasses kind classical dressage methods, natural horsemanship and has a background in eventing and show jumping. 

Her passion is to focus on the relationship between horse and rider and teaches Liberty as a foundational step to any combination to achieve the best bond and partnership for any discipline.

Having the amazing opportunity to work with the beautiful self owned Friesian horses and Warmbloods she has been performing liberty and bridleless displays in Australia.

She develops a kind and gentle horsemanship with an emphasis on connection and harmony, she also is a specialist in bitless and bridleless riding and designs her own stunning range of bitless bridles.

 She is passionate about the journey not just the destination as she believes our horses are our greatest teachers.

To get in touch with Kim please visit her Facebook page Heartland Equestrian or the website link below to book a video session on training or an animal communication session with your equine partner.


Watch Kim’s demonstration ‘Teaching Spanish Walk at Liberty’ in Arena 4