Karen Rohlf


“When You Find Your Own Special Way Of Communicating With Your Horse, Every Moment Is More Enjoyable”

Karen Rohlf, author, and creator of Dressage Naturally, is an internationally recognised clinician who is changing the equestrian educational paradigm. She teaches students of all disciplines and levels from around the world in her clinics and the Dressage Naturally virtual programs.

Karen is well known for training horses with a priority on partnership, a student-empowering approach to teaching, and a positive and balanced point of view. She believes in getting to the heart of our mental, emotional, and physical partnership with our horses by bringing together the best of the worlds of dressage and partnership-based training. 

Dressage Naturally (DN) is Karen’s holistic, comprehensive, and integrated system for horses and riders of any discipline who want to enjoy the process of creating stronger partnerships and healthy biomechanics. DN is a combination of Karen’s lifetime of training in dressage, natural horsemanship, art, and life.

Dressage Naturally will help you:

  • Improve everything you do with your horse
  • Create a happier and more harmonious partnership based on understanding and trust
  • Learn new ways to work with your horse to find the place of cooperation, ease, and biomechanical freedom
  • Bring your partnership with you as you advance in sport-specific training
  • Use your aids in a way that your horse understands and appreciates
  • Be a confident independent learner
  • Practice non-judgmental awareness and a growth mindset.
Finding The Sweet Spot Of Healthy Biomechanics – Arena 4
Karen’s demonstration at Horsemanship Showcase will explain how to improve how your horse moves, in a way that works with your horse. You will get an introduction to the concept of Finding The Sweet Spot, including the prerequisites, the ingredients, and how to do it. You will also be led through a quick simulation so you can experience it in your own body, and will see three examples of finding the Sweet Spot with three different horses. This is one of Karen Rohlf’s most popular concepts and has helped students and horses of all levels and disciplines enjoy the process of learning the basics of dressage.

To find out more about Karen and Dressage Naturally, go to www.dressagenaturally.net

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Karen's Video Picks: Sweet Spot