Josepha Guillame

Dressage in Hand

Josepha Guillaume is an international horse trainer, instructor and multi-language published author based in Belgium.

She comes from a solid classical dressage background but has been working mostly with injured and traumatized horses for the last 20 years. Josepha has taught in many European countries and South Africa, in which she mostly educated trainers and instructors, or worked with extreme difficult horses.

Many hopeless cases of horses have been successfully rehabbed in her hands the last two decades. The art of keeping horses healthy and happy, or bringing them back to health and happiness, no matter what happened to them, has become her specialty and her life’s work.

The method Josepha uses, she calls ‘Dressage in hand’. Dressage in hand consists of a fine tuned body language between horse and trainer and visa versa, working with the horse’s initiative and working on each individual’s horse’s specific mental and physical need, in order to help horses overcome trauma or health problems such as kissing spines. A deep-rooted understanding of the equine mind, language and biomechanics is the basis for this work, which he has been teaching all over the world. To great satisfaction of both horse and human.

Josepha has written a book on this very subject; Dressage in hand – what horses want you to know. 346 pages that tells you everything you need to know to keep horses healthy and happy, or help them to become it, by helping them overcome trauma or injury.
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Josepha will bring a lecture on kissing spines, how to prevent it, and when it does occur, how to help the horse overcome it.

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