David Lichman


David Lichman, a “horse whisperer” and 5* Parelli Professional, works with his horses on his two-acre farm in Sacramento, CA. For more than 20 years he has used a natural approach to gain the confidence and trust of the animals. He is able to create an exceptional relationship using his extensive knowledge of horse traits and employing a quiet and assertive approach, based on reward training, to encourage the horse to want to cooperate. 

“I don’t see them as horses, I see them as friends. They have names, desires and needs as I do. Friends help fulfil each other’s needs and desires.”

As one of Pat Parelli’s top-rated instructors – David travels all over the world helping people to get extraordinary results with horses. Teaching Pat’s system has taken him from Canada to Costa Rica and from Austria to Australia.
David has handled thousands of horses at hundreds of clinics, from every breed and discipline. But his biggest passion is playing with horses at liberty,  a love that has grown even stronger through his friendship with 5th generation circus-horse trainer, Katja Schumann.  David can help you achieve a connection with horses that resists distractions, based on building a huge balance in your ‘Relationship Bank Account’.

“I try to help people connect with horses so that it’s fun for both the human and the horse,”