Andrzej Makacewicz


Andi is the founder and creator of JNBT Horsemanship Academy – a leading educational horse-riding organisation in Poland with a mission to build real, natural relationships between humans and horses. He believes the foundation of real horsemanship is in holistic education about the horse. His unique Relation Based Training Program allows riders to learn everything from foals imprinting, through to behavior patterns and mechanisms up to advanced equitation. It allows to fully understand equine language, and how best to support the animal’s wellbeing. As a result, riders can build a deep relationship with their horse based on trust, respect, and leadership – the three primary principles of horsemanship at JNBT. Andi wants all his students to be able to train a safe horse of their dreams . That is why at JNBT courses he pays so much attention to both theory and practice – he believes profound explanation helps a lot to understand and remember what, when and why you should do when with your horse.

In 2020 JNBT got golden Eagles of Education reward and was also awarded the title of HORSEMANSHIP ACADEMY OF THE YEAR 2020/2021 by UK Corporate LiveWire Prestige Awards. In the statement of reasons for the decision one can read: “The judges believe JNBT Horsemanship Academy is leading a breakthrough in the modern horse-riding industry by recognising the importance of learning about a horse’s nature in order to maximise both the animal and its rider’s potential. JNBT acknowledges horses as thinking, decision-making animals that must be treated with equal trust and respect as the rider would like to receive. The judges also praised the academy for being inclusive and diversifying its training to fit everyone from first-time young riders to experienced adults, and vets and breeders.”
The Academy has trained over 16,000 students. Andi together with the team of his certified trainers run horsemanship courses all over the country and also abroad (including Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, South Africa, Switzerland and UK). Since last year schoolings are also offered as JNBT Online Academy.

Watch Andi’s presentation ‘Trust, Respect and Leadership’ in Arena 4