Premier Performance CZ


Premier Performance CZ Ltd provides a cutting edge line of nutritional formulas for health, maintenance, competition and recovery for the athletic equine. All of our products contain natural ingredients of the highest quality. With the use of Nitric Oxide Pathway technology, our proprietary blends focus on protein, vitamins, amino acids, herbs and mineral supplements.

 Premier Performance CZ products were used at the Tokyo Olympic Games, so as part of our CleanSport Programme (Anti-Doping) all Premier Performance CZ products are tested by certified independent laboratories and all of our ingredients are 100% traceable from raw material to finished product, having been sourced exclusively from officially certified suppliers.

We are the home of the Calming Cookies and that is what we are known for but behind that success are another 36 products covering the gastric health, muscles, hormones and joint health. But not all cookies we have powders as well


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