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Shine Bright with Photonic Health: The premier choice for equine light therapy.

Harness the Spectrum: From red and infrared to blue and green, we’ve mastered the full power of light for your horse’s well-being.
Proven Techniques: Boost your horse’s health with techniques backed by nearly two decades of experience.


Why Choose Photonic Health?

Legacy of Excellence: Our owners have been pioneers in using light therapy on animals since 2004. With hands-on experience and passion, they’ve crafted our cutting-edge devices.

Engineered for Horses: Not just any light therapy devices – ours are engineered and developed by our owner-experts. Designed specifically for the durability and effectiveness needed to work with horses.

Diverse Light Therapy: Beyond just red and infrared, we dive into the benefits of blue and green lights, expanding the spectrum of care for your steed.

Risk-Free Trial: Our commitment is to both horse and rider. That’s why we offer a full 90-day money-back guarantee. Experience the benefits risk-free.

Unbeatable Customer Service: You’re partnering with a team that knows horses. Our dedicated crew is on hand via phone, email, or chat, ensuring your equine companion gets the best care.

Tailored Support: Our regular, non-intrusive emails and extensive YouTube library mean you always have expert guidance at your fingertips, specifically designed for horse enthusiasts.

Safety First: Our lights, while potent, are designed to be 100% safe for all horses. No medical expertise required.
Unmatched Warranty: Our commitment to quality shines brightest. Most of our handheld devices come with a lifetime warranty – a testament to their endurance and our trust in their performance.

Our Programs:

  • Basic Equine Light Therapy: Understand the fundamentals of light therapy and its transformative effects on horses.
  • Advanced Equine Techniques: Delve deeper into specialized light therapy methods tailored for optimum equine health.
  • Bespoke Courses: Dive into therapy regimes crafted uniquely for horses and their unique needs.

Gallop Towards A Brighter Future:

Discover the Photonic Health difference. From our heritage in equine care to our dedication to innovation, we’re your trusted partner in equine light therapy. Journey with us, and let your horse bask in the glow of unmatched health and vitality.

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