Liberty Horse UK


Liberty Horse UK was launched in 2022 by Louise Donnor-Broom to raise the profile of the discipline in the UK and to provide a place for liberty enthusiasts, of all ages and abilities to train and compete… And to help you get started if you’ve always fancied having a go!

What are the benefits of liberty training?

Liberty training is defined as being able to communicate with your horse without ropes or tack.

  • Improve communication; Put your horse’s behaviour on cue in a step by step, logical way. Learn the foundation movements on the leadrope first.
  • Improve confidence; Once you understand how your horse learns and how to put behaviour on a verbal or visual cue, you will develop more confidence in one another.
  • Improve timing; We reinforce the behaviour we want using the 3R’s; release, reward and relax. Getting the timing right is crucial to your success.
  • Improve understanding; By understanding more about the principles of training, you will be able to prepare more effectively for all other disciplines.

Why join Liberty Horse UK?

  • Compete online; Monthly competitions allow you to develop your skills and gain points in the LHUK league.
  • Learn and train; Our progress awards are designed to help you get started from scratch and if you need more help, you can join our online coaching group or attend a clinic.
  • Trick titles; Try something new with your horse and teach them some tricks!
  • Make friends; Learn, practice and grow together, either in our online community or in person.


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