Gold & Bee


Gold & Bee is an Equine Facilitated Learning and Equicoaching business based in Leigh, Wiltshire.

We offer all kinds of services including:

  • Individual life coaching sessions
  • Sessions to work on your relationship with your horse
  • Getting back in the saddle after an accident or trauma
  • And many more

We started off as two women who wanted to make a difference in the way people were helped. we were not quite sure what that would mean but through a lot of research and discussion, we realised that sitting in a room with a therapist or a life coach was no longer what people needed or wanted. People were seeking more alternative guidance for their life choices.

Last year Agathe was told her horse could never be ridden again due to a spinal injury. As devastating as this was, it came at the perfect time as she was due for a change of pace herself. She dropped everything to take care of her horse, Gold. With the support of the yard and her parents, Agathe discovered Equicoaching. She always knew she wanted a career that would help others, especially the teenage and young adult community. She decided to go against the ‘classic’ careers she was pushed towards and decided to fulfil her childhood dream of working with horses, just in an alternative way. And so, their journey began. Gold was always going to be a wonderful partner for this job as he knew just how to react to help her out. Agathe and Gold now practice together and help guide people through life with the power of Equicoaching. He is and will always be the Gold.

After many years of working in a male-dominated and corporate environment, Alison finally decided it was time to free her authentic self. She wanted more for herself, and also to help others find that courage and connect with their own authentic self. A few years ago, Bumble came in to Alison’s life. He was a broken recycled racehorse who she desperately wanted to heal and find a job they could both enjoy. Alison wanted to find another way to work, a way to make a difference in the world in line with her own ethics. That is when she found out about Equine Facilitated Learning and Equicoaching. Sadly, Bumble’s struggles in life came to an end last summer. However, we now carry out this work in memory of him, he is with us all the way not only in spirit, but also in our company name. He is the Bee.
These two wonderful horses have made Gold & Bee.

We now have a team of horses who needed an alternative lifestyle and are so grateful to be able to call them our partners. Each with their own characters allowed to shine and valued for their individuality.

Churchill once said, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a [person]” and he is absolutely right.

Equicoaching and Equine Facilitated Learning connects humans and horses to heal, support, and guide individuals through personal development and the discovery of one’s self. It is an alternative method of life coaching that involves horses to assist people through the challenges of life. Horses are healers. They have the capacity to pick up on elements that we, humans, are unable to, and they help us work through our troubles. We would love to share the healing power of horses with the rest of the world, whether you are a rider or horse owner, or not.

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