Casada at the Horsemanship Showcase is proud to present the Miniwell Twist2Go.

We think this massage device is the best thing that has happened since the light bulb,and it will most definitely brighten up your day!

The Miniwell Twist2Go gives you a deep kneading massage that will take away your muscle tensions and relax your body.

Particularly effective at relieving stress and muscular aches and pains.

Regular use of the Miniwell Twist2Go also improves blood circulation.


Favourite Quotes

Thank you so much, my husband loves the Miniwell Twist nearly as much as his children!” – A. Thomas

Hi Nigel, I met your colleague in May at Badminton Horsetrials and where I tried the Miniwell Twist. I have had major surgery in 2012 on my lower back following an incident where I was frontline and lifted a time critical patient – I now have bolts, screws and cage fitted, sadly I had not option but to eventually leave the Ambulance Service. I have spent many years on a concoction of pain relief however, I was completely blown away by the Miniwell Twist, the instant relief it brought reduced me to tears. I’ve never been 100% pain free since my accident.” – Bryony Nunn

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