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At Be Horself, our story revolves around the profound connection between humans and animals, particularly horses, and how this connection can transform lives.
Our founder, Loredana Caminiti together with associate Sandra Wright, bring their unique backgrounds and passion to the forefront, creating a sanctuary of balance and personal and professional growth, for individual and teams.
Loredana, with over two decades of hustling in the dynamic corporate landscapes of Italy, the USA, and the UK, embarked on a courageous journey of self-discovery and transformation. Her heart’s true calling led her to the world of Equine-Facilitated Learning (EFL). In this newfound path, she personally witnessed the life-altering impact of EFL as she overcame personal challenges and reclaimed a overwhelming sense of purpose. Her metamorphosis wasn’t just about changing careers; it was a rebirth of the spirit.
As the passionate founder of “Be Horself” she’s on a mission to inspire and empower individuals to break free from their confines, to be ‘yourself’ – embrace their true selves through Equine Facilitated Learning.
Loredana’s love for her horses is not merely a sentiment; it’s a palpable, heartwarming connection that transcends the ordinary that she advocates with all that she meets. She embodies a kindred spirit, a soul deeply intertwined with her equine companions. In the presence of these majestic beings, her warmth and affinity shine brightly, forging bonds that speak of a deep and genuine love. It’s a testament to her extraordinary ability to understand, nurture, and share an unspoken language with these remarkable creatures, creating a harmonious sanctuary of mutual respect and affection.
As a longstanding LEAP qualified EFL Practitioner, she’s dedicated to helping others embark on their transformative journeys. Her commitment to personal growth and empowerment is underpinned by the SEG Award ABC Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills, amplifying her ability to connect with and guide individuals through their own life-changing transitions.

Sandra’s journey is both captivating and inspiring. Her personal battle with the challenges of high performance and adrenal fatigue forced her to explore and embrace healthier, sustainable solutions that have positively changed her life. This reframing of her life’s makeup has granted her a unique perspective and a deep commitment to providing a safe space for individuals and teams to share their experiences, fostering learning and personal growth. Sandra’s certifications, include being a HEART Equine-Assisted Therapeutic Coaching Facilitator, a Harmonizing Emotional Well-being Coach, a certified NLP Practitioner, and a Mental Health First Aid (England) Instructor Member. With 25 years of extensive commercial experience across diverse industries, she has also facilitated accredited Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) courses for middle and senior-level management. Now, drawing from this rich background, she mentors professionals on their journey toward achieving their CMI L5 coaching diploma, using her toolkit to guide individuals and teams toward greater well-being and self-awareness.
Sandra’s fascination with the grounding impact of being in nature and being with animals mirrors her quirky and unwavering love for it, especially dog. She views the world through the unique perspective of other species, comprehending the wisdom they hold, to live well. To her, animals and the natural world are extraordinary teachers, imparting invaluable lessons in resilience and thriving and regularly calls on them for inspiration.
Our cherished team of equine, canine and feline partners, including Milo, Norbert, Mayo, Hugo, and Nala, plays a crucial role in our mission. These animals bring their own unique qualities to create a nurturing and supportive environment for personal and professional growth. Milo, our Thoroughbred, offers love and support, teaching patience, acceptance, trust, reflection, and self-resilience. Norbert, a cob cross shire, has found his forever home with us, bringing his calming presence and big heart full of hope, to our sanctuary. Hugo, a pointer crossed with retriever , combines self-assuredness and empathy, providing solace and comfort to those in need. Nala, our feral black cat, embodies the power of patience, love, and the beauty found in even the most timid of souls. And we are guided by the ever presence of the spirit of Mayo, who graces our big skies with displays of beauty.
In today’s fast-paced world, conscious communication and healthy relationships are paramount for both personal and professional success.

We create an opportunity for individuals and groups to recognise personal strengths, discover inner potentials and learn ways of facing into challenges.

  • Our method empowers you to have;
  • Better conversations;
  • Cultivate meaningful connections, and ultimately;
  • A more harmonious, productive, and successful professional life.

Through our tailored programs and experiences, we offer a space for you to pause, reflect, and reconnect with yourself and nature. Our compassionate and experienced facilitators guide you through transformative activities that tap into your innate wisdom, intuition, and resilience.
Whether you join us for one-on-one coaching sessions or retreat-style masterclasses in the serene embrace of nature, we co-facilitate with the healing power of horses and immerse you in nature to shift you to a space where you become more self-aware and connected to yourself and others.
In the tranquil countryside of Rural Tring, just 35 miles from The City, lies our enchanting haven, Be Horself. Our land is nestled amongst a magnificent tapestry of nature’s beauty, meticulously manicured yet wild, with rolling landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see. It’s a sanctuary, a safe haven where you can shed the weight of stress, explore new pathways, and gain the tools and insights necessary to create lasting change. The gentle whispers of the wind through the grasses create a symphony of tranquillity, resonating with the wisdom of the ages, inspiring the soul, and opening the mind. Here, you’ll find peace and the opportunity to reconnect with your true Self amidst the beauty of nature.
When you step in to Be Horself’s land you are not just embarking on a journey of discovery, you are joining a community that understands the profound connection between animals, humans and the healing power of nature.

How you can work with us:

  • 121 coaching
  • Employee Wellbeing Support Days
  • Learning and Growth Workshops including;
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Team Development
  • Self Awareness and Agency
  • Seasonal Themed Wellness Masterclasses
  • Be Horself Space – A Free supportive gathering to celebrate humankind and nurture a sense of belonging


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