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  1. annathomas55 says:

    Hey all! This is to accompany the video I’ve made. Hope you enjoy it!
    True horsemanship is not a partnership you create with one horse. It’s an alliance with every horse created by reading its body language and meeting its needs to form a connection based on trust and feel. It’s your responsibility to establish an environment where the horse wants to work, wants to be with you, and most importantly, enjoys it! This can take time to develop and a lot of patience. But by working in a repetitive manner, free from violence you can build a relationship uniting you and the horse.
    Many people share the ‘after’ footage connoting the perfect relationship between them and their horse, but this isn’t realistic. I think it’s important for people to see the ‘befores’ and, more importantly understand how they got there. Training horses isn’t about getting the perfect score in a competition. It’s about the day-to-day progression, starting from scratch, guiding each horse to a place where it feels comfortable and willing. This is achieved by giving them a choice and allowing for mistakes. For some horses this can take moments and for others months. You need to read your horse and adapt to his needs, as every horse is different and requires a slightly different approach. However, one thing should always be the same: working in an environment that’s fair, consistent and free from pain. This makes it easy for the horse to do the right thing and harder to do the wrong thing; carving a path for the two of you to willingly walk through, as a team with no need for food as a bribe.
    All the horses in this video are either unhandled or remedial cases from across the world, where I had to adapt not only to meet their individual needs but also to suit the facilities and time available.

  2. kirstywallis1989 says:

    Amazing !

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