Oliver Phillips


Oliver Phillips has been involved with Andalusian horses and inspirational trainers all of his life. His family at Yeguada Inspirada have a wonderful reputation for breeding Andalusians and training incredible horses.

Oliver has become one of the top Horsemen in the country, especially known for his skills in training horses in airs above the ground, whilst taking care of their emotions and their physical well being.

Ollie is also a Stunt Rider in film and TV, and has featured in many of the shows that we know and love! He specialises in Airs above the ground, Trick Riding Liberty and Classical Dressage.

Ollie brings a lot of fun and charm to his work with horses, whilst blowing our minds at what he can achieve!

He is available for lessons and also takes in horses for backing, further education and more.

Find out more about Ollie, including how to contact him, on his facebook page @Yeguada.Inspirada98