Equus with Millie


Hi I’m Millie,

I’m an Equine behaviour and psychologist who specialises in helping problem horses using positive reinforcement and clicker training. I have grown up working with horses since the age of 4. For the last 6 years, I have travelled the UK helping countless horses and owners achieve the trust and bond they thought they would never have. I have a unique ability to help owners understand the very subtle signs of a horse’s body language, what they are trying to tell us and how the smallest movements such as an eye flick or a change in foot placement can affect the way a horse moves and its behaviour.

My focus is to help both horse and owner develop a greater bond through positive reinforcement, specifically through clicker training. positive reinforcement is a relatively new but powerful form of training that can build trust, motivation, confidence, reduce stress levels and improve the overall wellbeing of your horse. By using positive reinforcement with clicker training, you are rewarding your horse for any positive behaviour. moments that used to be stressful such as standing at the mounting block or loading your horse start to change as your horse develops a new found desire to work with you. Often, a horse will learn much faster when the motivation changes from avoidance of something they dislike to earning something they do like. The use of the clicker followed by a positive reinforcer is a fantastic, clear form of communication. Pair positive reinforcement with a clear understanding of the reasons behind your horses’ behaviours, and you’re well on your way to achieving a lifelong bond.

This year at the horsemanship showcase, I will be offering a demonstration which will consist of an in-hand spook-busting agility course; incorporating loud noises to teach the horse how to become desensitised, relaxed and focussed, rather than allowing the panic and flight response to kick in. To really demonstrate the power of positive reinforcement I will be using a student horse that I have not worked with extensively, showing first-hand how effective clicker training can be at calming anxious or fearful horses. This demonstration will leave you with some fantastic tools that you can practise at home using just a headcollar, treats and clicker.

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