Ben Atkinson


Ben is a professional stunt rider, horse trainer and Liberty artist from East Yorkshire. He is well known for his appearances in film, TV and live events, with an enviable list of projects including Victoria, Peaky Blinders and Poldark! The family business, Atkinson Action Horses, is one of the most respected equestrian services companies to the film and television industries, supplying highly trained horses, riders and trainers for a variety of disciplines and stunts.

As you would expect with such a career, Ben’s horsemanship is spellbinding. He will wow you with fearless stunt riding, classical dressage and the art of Liberty! And now he can teach you to do the same…

Ben has enviable horsemanship knowledge in so many areas, there is not much that he couldn’t help with! Maybe some ground skills, Liberty, of course, Classical Dressage… the choice is yours!

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Organised Equestrian have also made a series of educational films with Ben, available to stream or download. Check out the following links for the ‘How To’ Series, including ‘Bow’, ‘Liberty Stage 1; The Missing Piece’, ‘Liberty Stage 2; The Secret Aids’, ‘Spanish Walk’ and feature length film ‘At Home with Ben Atkinson’.