Tracey Duncan

Taking Care of Training

Tracey owns Taking Care of Training and is a hybrid of eventer and horsewoman. She spent many years working for a top international event rider, as well as spent time in the US discovering and learning the world of horsemanship, and she continues to learn and be coached by mentors that she is inspired by, ranging from top jumping coaches, classical dressage and those in a range of areas working with horses in a way that resonates with her principles and results in a happy healthy horse.  

Tracey events her own horses as well as clients’ horses and is very passionate about bridging the gap between the competition world and the horsemanship one. She loves helping horses and humans come together as a team, be it to enjoy a hack together, load easily, make everyday tasks like tying, farrier prep and clipping prep all stress free, taming horses, “tricky” horses, as well as coaching and supporting competition riders looking to be successful in the ring through having a good solid foundation and partnership together. This can range from helping a horse that doesn’t like leaving the start box, ditches, water and fillers to just being more relaxed when going to shows. Tracey is also passionate about rehabilitation cases and knows how much time and commitment rehabilitation takes and how challenging it can be. She also takes in horses for training, for further development, rehabilitation, competing and helping horses that have developed “behavioural” problems.

Tracey offers an all-round approach that takes care of the horse’s mind as well as the body. She believes it is equally important to look after the mind as well as their physical body being healthy.

Tracey believes if we listen to the horses and interact with them in a way they understand, then anything is possible. Her approach starts with listening and reading your horse, identifying what they are trying to tell us, and what they need from us for the partnership to grow. How can we adapt the way we are with them so they are happy and you can have a harmonious relationship? 

Join Tracey at her base in Sussex, where she will share with you her ethos and approach to being with  horses ranging from taming, rehabilitation, development, and competition. You can also find her running the very popular “Jump for Joy” camps with Rachael Shawyer, which are ideal for all, whether you love jumping but are looking for a coach that is naturally minded but also has jumping/ competition experience or if you and your horse would love to jump but you’ve lost your nerve – be sure to check out the reviews and book via Rachael’s website, which you can also find on her page at Horsemanship Showcase.

For more information and to contact Tracey, visit

Watch Tracey’s student makeover lesson with Mindset Coach, Jenni Winter-Leach, ‘Two Minds in Harmony’ in Arena 1