Miriam Hackett


Hackett Equine’s main purpose is to support horses and riders to attain their maximum potential in their own personal training process.

Alongside gaining her UKCC Level 3 Miri has a wealth of knowledge and experience having worked within the equestrian industry for 14 years, thus enabling her to coach, mentor and train horses and riders no matter what their chosen direction or discipline may be.

Originally from a show jumping background, Miri has developed a step-by-step approach to training horses. She believes that every horse has a different rate of learning, and therefore there is a need to understand each horse’s individual path – ”you can’t train every horse from the same textbook”.

‘We believe it is our role as owners and riders to develop a common language with our horses, to listen to each horse as an individual, training every step through positivity and understanding’

Miri’s approach of working at the horse’s own pace has proven to produce horses that are happy and confident both in themselves, and under saddle.

Incorporating ground work into the backing process allows the horse to truly understand every aspect of its training. Miri understands that not only is she able to ride the horse but an owner must also be able to effectively and comfortably enjoy training and riding. To achieve this Miri aims for horses to be confident and consistent in every step of their training; a horse shouldn’t feel forced into the ridden process. This approach fosters a positive experience which leads to a happy self assured horse starting out on its ridden career.

To find out more about Miri and her wonderful horses, particularly Blondie!! Who is a very funny, but complex horse, check out Miri’s social media!