Linda Parelli


“Hi, I’m Linda. Equine psychologist, horsewoman, businesswoman, author and motivational speaker”

Linda is the co-founder of Parelli Natural Horsemanship and creator of Pegasus Personal Growth, Happy Horse Happy Life, entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist and dedicated to helping you become the person and rider you want to be.

Since 1985, Linda has been honing her talent and skills with people and horses.  She is a masterful teacher, an engaging and charismatic presenter, and is seriously good with horses.  

Linda’s worldwide fame is built on her ability to inspire and empower others and she is in demand for her extraordinary masterclasses (with riders) and personal development programs.

For over 32 years, Linda has presented to audiences in the thousands as well as intense private sessions with and without involving horses.  Her resume includes television appearances, countless educational videos on behaviour-based horse training (Parelli Natural Horsemanship), high level trainers and competitors, an empowering personal growth program (Pegasus Personal Growth), not to mention her abilities in teaching communication and presentation skills.

According to her many students, in both the horse world and outside, these are Linda’s best traits.



Inspires Confidence

Inspires Sense of Self-Worth


Linda is sought after as a teacher, mentor and personal development leader. Her influence reaches far beyond the classroom as admirers and the curious want to know more about her approaches to health, cooking and skin care! Her commitment to never ending self-improvement and passion for sharing is why Linda Parelli continues to write, teach and travel to empower others.Find out more about Linda, her Happy Horse Masterclass and the Pegasus Program at and

Watch Linda’s demonstration ‘Speed Control’ in Arena 4