Katharine Pickering


I am a Professional Stunt Rider and Instructor from the UK. Having performed all over the UK and abroad with several different teams including Team Z7, The Devils Horsemen and Atkinson Action Horses, at some of the biggest shows in the UK such as Horse of the Year Show and Olympia I have been lucky enough to combine my passion and my career.

Although I spend much of my time upside down on horses, my main passion lies in classical dressage and liberty. For me I feel there is no greater achievement than to help the horse become the best of himself and to be able to do this eventually without any tack or equipment. Horses lend us their strength, speed and power and we have to create mutual respect and understanding, we cannot do this through force or fear. 

My aim is to help people develop a deeper relationship between horse and rider, both from on top and on the ground. Using the art of classical riding and the basics of liberty, I want to help individuals on their journey into horse psychology and athletics to create a true dancing partner.  

To find out more about me, please visit my website or get in touch.

Website: katpickeringhorses.co.uk 

Phone: 07564308472 

To book a video lesson with Kat, visit https://www.organisedequestrian.com/video-lessons/