Joanna Lowes

Horse trainer, rider and assistant to Monty Roberts

Jo has spent over five years developing her understanding of horse behaviour and training alongside Monty Roberts. As his international assistant and tour rider she has travelled with him to countries such as Brazil, South Africa, Hungary, as well as regular tours around the UK and Germany, assisting with a wide variety of events and private clients. From wild mustangs to valuable young racehorses, Jo has an intensely varied experience in a range of disciples, from many areas of the world.

“A good horse trainer can make a horse do almost anything. A great trainer can cause the horse to want to do it”

Thanks in great part to Monty, the world of horse training has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades. That is not to say we have all the answers yet, nor have we changed enough. It is however painfully obvious that traditional methods using pain or force do not yield the same results as a horse trained through trust, with incremental steps and utilising a varied toolbox.

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