Jenni Winter-Leach


Growing up with a clear calling and passion for horses but being led to believe “there is no career in horses”, Jenni spent her early career accelerating fast in Global Talent Management Consultancy for a world leading telecoms company. She quickly realised that her passion and talents were in supporting people to be their best and with her entrepreneurial mindset, ability to solve problems and passion for riding and competing with horses she decided to get qualified in applied psychology, leave her corporate career and follow her true purpose – setting up Flying Changes Mindset. 

Flying Changes Mindset is a training and coaching company that not only educates riders in all levels and disciplines of equestrian sport to develop their winning mindset and up their mental performance, but also uses ground breaking methodologies to create real and lasting impacts on their riding and lives. Jenni’s passion is for undoing the negative effects of trauma and fear – often caused by riding accidents, near misses and even the effects of being in environments that are not conducive to enjoying our horses to the full. Jenni believes that everyone should enjoy their horses no matter what their experience level, chosen discipline or background. She truly has a mission – “For every rider and horse to be in a happy and successful relationship”. 

Over the years this mission has led Jenni to work with all sorts of riders from Grass Roots to Elite to help them to understand what “Success” really means to them and how to go and get it. Jenni has coached clients all over the world and in pretty much every discipline and simply loves it when both horse and human are able to enjoy themselves and get a sense of confidence and performance in any pursuit. She helps riders to uncover what is really getting in their way in terms of their mindset and teaches them skills that can be used in both riding and wider in life too. 

Jenni herself competed in most disciplines over the years but recently has found a huge passion for Working Equitation and is currently part of the GB Development Squad. Jenni has a passion and thirst for knowledge about both horse and human neurology and how this can be applied to create a harmonious partnership. She believes that harmony is the key to real and lasting performance in any partnership. She also believes that not everyone wants to go to the Olympics and that shouldn’t limit their access to World Class mindset training. 

In the last few years, she steered her company from an idea to a global business and Jenni is now an international award winning speaker, international best selling author, in demand trainer and is one of the top Equestrian Mindset and Performance Psychology Master Coaches worldwide. She is also the founder of the Equestrian Development and Empowerment Network – a global movement supporting horse riders to perform at their best and enjoy their passion to the full.

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