Jason Webb


With a reputation built through word of mouth, UK-based Australian, Jason Webb, is a leading horse trainer specialising in starting young horses under saddle and solving all behavioural and ridden problems. Working with international riders of all disciplines and world renowned studs, as well as recreational riders desiring a safe, confident and responsive riding horse, Jason’s skill, patience and deep understanding of horse behaviour has made him one of the UK’s most sought after horse trainers.

In his early teens, Jason was taught to start horses using the same methods handed down through generations of horsemen in his family.  Having developed an interest in this area of work, Jason spent time with some excellent trainers in Australia where he improved his understanding of horse behaviour and remedial work with ‘problem’ horses.  Having competed at the highest level at polocrosse in Australia, he travelled to the UK to play and coach but became sought after to start young horses in the South East.  He quickly gained a reputation for producing calm, well-mannered horses, and for having an ability to turn around horses with severe behavioural and ridden problems.

Jason has spent his working life building on his experiences and the knowledge of generations of exceptional horsemen in, and outside, his own family, and these decades of experience underpin his training philosophy.

My horse training revolves around these three concepts:

  • Developing a balance between TRUST and RESPECT in both horse and owner creates an attitude to learn. They are fundamental to your partnership with your horse and future progression and success in your chosen discipline.
  • Having the skills and confidence to be a leader to your horse creates willingness in the horse to follow and try for you.
  • Knowledge is power. The more you learn, the more knowledge you can impart to your horse and the more your partnership will progress and strengthen… Never stop trying to learn to be a better horseperson!” Jason Webb

Jason’s MO:RE4 training process:

MO:RE4 Training

In practical terms, this process is often related to the concept of ‘making the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard’, ‘advance-retreat’ and ‘pressure – release’. However, this same process can also allow the horse trainer to choose a positive reinforcement as a “motivation”, therefore encompassing both the negative and positive reinforcement scales of horse training.

Find out more about Jason and his programme at www.yourhorsemanship.com

Jason has a challenge for you… Can you think of a different exercise than the one he used in his demo to increase the horse’s desire to be by the mounting block?

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In 2016, Jason launched his online horse training program, Your Horsemanship, which enables members to access an extensive video library of his training methods and interact with him via webinars and forums.

Your Horsemanship is designed to empower riders of all levels and aspirations, whether you simply want a safe hack that is mannerly in the stable and a pleasure to handle, or whether you’re a competitive rider looking to excel in your chosen discipline.

In developing a plan for Your Horsemanship, Jason’s mission has been to create the most comprehensive training resource available online; one that is easy to navigate, understand and learn while answering pretty much any question you may have related to horse training.

The Your Horsemanship video library currently holds over 250 training videos on every aspect of training horses, together with a growing specialised re-education section related to problems such as loading, rearing, napping and spooking.

The website is split into four sections:

  • Pre-training Knowledge
  • Foundation Training
  • Re-education
  • Challenges


A Summary:

  • Online videos & accompanying downloadable PDF – offer confidence and skills 
  • Support Pre-training knowledge e-booklet 
  • Problems Solved – find help in the remedial section 
  • Optional challenges and quizzes 
  • Monthly horse training demonstrations and accompanying live-streamed Q&A
  • Monthly webinars with Jason and guest experts
  • Training Chat Forum – get your questions answered 
  • Challenge Cup competition – participate from home 

Your Horsemanship has three memberships starting from just £48/year. Feedback from our members is exceptional and we are confident that you and your horse will see the benefits too. 

To sign up, please visit www.yourhorsemanship.com/online today! 

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