Emma Tytherleigh


Emma grew up in one of the UK’s largest residential riding schools of it time. In 2001 she went to watch a demonstration of how Stunt horses were trained for TV and Live shows and she was hooked! For the last 20 years Emma has managed to chase her dreams of becoming a professional Trick Rider and working for the biggest Equestrian Theatres around the world, including Cavalia (USA) and Cavalluna (Germany) plus many more.

Best known for her Trick Riding, Emma can train and perform in several different disciplines incl Classical Dressage, Liberty and Roman Riding.

In Oct 2020 Covid brought Emma back to England for the first time in 14 years as the tour she was booked to go on is now postponed until Oct 2021 where she will return to Europe with Ricchi, Rocko and Cowboy – Her four legged family to perform their ‘Dog & Pony’ act for the stadium touring show, Cavalluna. From there she will return full time to Spain, a country she has called home since 2005.

Until then, she is currently based in Warwick at the Knights of Middle England, performing for their live shows and teaching Trick Riding and Liberty at their HQ for anyone that would love the chance to learn! She is also out and about hosting clinics on ‘Introduction to Liberty’ and very soon will launch ‘The art of Trick Riding’ alongside her favorite Trick Riding colleges, James Denny and Oliver Phillips!

Emma like all Equestrians believes you never stop learning when it comes to horses. Her goal has always been to continually improve for the sake of the animals, she loves to teach and hopes that through stage performance will inspire the next generation that we can always do better, with time and understanding the relationship you can create with your horse has no limits.

(Liberty Photo credits Izzy White)


Watch Emma’s demonstration ‘Exploring the Difference between Training Dogs and Training Horses’ in Arena 2.