Catherine Roy-Stanley


Transform Your Relationship

It is easy to feel lost as an equestrian, for you are pressured to look to the outside for answers. With so many methods, training, tack and advice givers – you lose touch with your own intuition and what your horse is telling you.

So it is now my passion and mission to help fellow equestrians and their horses discover their true power, in the relationship with themselves and each other. Creating true connection, trust and understanding individually & together.

I have a uniquely holistic and integrative approach, working with you, your horse and your relationship. I weave together years of experience with psychology, personal development, natural horsemanship, and elements of equine massage, creating a truly transformative and healing experience. 

I have specially designed a range of 1:1 programmes to help support each equestrian unique relationship. Every programme offers complete guidance, to ensure every horse and human feels seen, heard and understood. And helps to identify, understand and move through blocks that are holding you back from the relationship you deserve.

So, if you are ready to invest in your relationship, and create the bond that you dream of.. what are you waiting for?

One of Many Testimonials


‘Where to even start! I have had the pleasure of knowing Cat as a friend and fellow horsey lover for years, but she reached out to me as “Balance and Align” when I needed her most.

I hit absolute rock bottom with my relationship with Dills, I was putting so much pressure on the both of us and we both crumbled. 

Cat has taught me how to better my relationship and trust with Dillon and myself, and I now feel like together we can tackle just about anything. 

If you’re feeling a bit stuck for motivation, confidence, or you and your horse aren’t getting the results you want and you can’t work out why – get in contact with Cat, I know for a fact she’ll be able to improve it for you!

She is always there whenever you need – with the friendliest most inspiring replies that will undoubtedly put a smile on your face!