Becky Thompson

Certified Energy & Mindset Coach

Becky works with riders at all levels and ages. From 9 to 75-year-olds. Those struggling with anxiety, hacking out, competition nerves, imposter syndrome or clarity on their purpose in any area of life and everything in-between! No matter if you’re a rider, riding coach, or top-level competitor.

With over 20 years coaching experience she uses her bespoke programs to transform the lives of those she works with.
The belief that nothing exists in isolation is the foundation for the work she does. In other words, issues showing up for you and your horse are part of a bigger picture.
In the same way you would look at your horse holistically (mind, body and soul), Becky does this for the human!
Her skill is in identifying people’s patterns, beliefs, physical ailments, emotions and energy that make up the whole self. All of which influence who we are, what we do and how we do it. This is the key to unlocking and resolving how we show up with our horse and therefore the results we get.
Taking this holistic approach increases her clients confidence and wellbeing in all aspects of their lives

She is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner (NLP MP,) Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), Core-Dynamics Specialist, Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner, Silent Councillor (Meridian Energy Release) and a Fully Certified Professional coach.


Talk one “Procrastination Station” – Goals vs your sabotaging self

Do you notice yourself finding reasons not to ride?

Do you “run out of time” poo picking/mucking out/or any other avoidance strategies!

Do you dislike setting goals because you think they are too rigid or you worry about failing?
Do you set some goals but then give up on them half way through…or never even start?

In this talk we explore some myths around goals. You will leave with strategies for identifying what influences your energy and motivation for achieving the results you want.


Talk Two “I’m the Problem…it’s me” – Mastering Energy shifts when things don’t go to plan

Understand why you are the way you are!
You may have taken personality tests before, you may even have done a horsenality test for your horse, trying to better understand each of you. You’ve probably learned a lot from them! What you will learn here is different (and transformational!)
And it all boils down to one word-energy.
Your horse is a mirror reflecting your level of awareness-your thoughts, feelings, and emotions about yourself, others, and the world. Some aspects of your awareness or consciousness serve you, while others hold you back from fulfilling your potential. And understandably so (we’re human!)
In this talk you will be introduced to the 7 levels of energy. You will discover how they interact and how you can use them. The result being a happier you and consequently a happier horse.