Frederic Pignon & Magali Delgado

``When I am with horses, I have no ambition… I have a dream” Frederic Pignon

Known as the co-founders of Cavalia and EQI, Frederic and Magali have performed in front of more than two million spectators! They are exceptional equestrian artists and visionaries. Their horses are their inspiration and their teachers, and they learn every day from being with them. Love and respect are at the core of their relationship philosophy so when you see them on stage, you can only be touched by such authentic heart, connection, and creativity.

Frederic Pignon

Since childhood Frederic has understood and communicated with horses, showing a mutual respect and willingness to cooperate.  After trick riding and Voltige, his own way of Liberty/freedom training gradually evolved, an approach shared with the public through performances and workshops, which he gives alongside Magali, all over the world. Frédéric is passionate about observing and understanding of animals, in order to communicate with them. 

Magali Delgado

Raised by a family of horsemen and breeders, Magali has ridden and competed in horse shows from a young age. At 18, she moved to Portugal to perfect her skills with great riders. She specialises in teaching Dressage and has ridden and competed to Grand Prix level. For over twenty years on the stage and around the world, she practices dressage, highlighting the importance of the horse’s freedom and pleasure to participate.

Frederic and Magali met at an equestrian centre in Apt, whilst both teaching their different disciplines. They soon realised they shared a passion for horses and the art of the show. A few months later they started their first joint team where they offered lessons and also prepared equestrian shows in which they developed their sense of creativity and originality.

Their first horse show was one that made them famous worldwide, but also one that guided them in their search for better communication with horses, understanding, respect and a mutual desire for cooperation.

Yet, after some six years of touring, Frederic and Magali decided to leave the adventure. The time had come for them to return to their stables, for their horses to recharge and for them to think about a new direction. They also wanted to accompany their “old” show horses in well-deserved retirement. 

After only a few months break however, they returned to performance, being invited to the largest equestrian events everywhere across Europe year after year: Equitana and Hanoverian Elite Auction in Germany, Horse of the Year Show in the UK, Cavalli a Milano in Italy, Horse Passion, Equita, at the Paris Horse Show and The Grand Carousel Royal de Versailles in France, The Belgium Wallonie Equestre Event, Parada Jeździecka in Poland, Dansk Varmblods Gallashow in Denmark, Horse Event and Concert Equine in the Netherlands, Mercedes-Benz CSI Zurich and the Gala of the Iberian Horse in Switzerland, the Horse Fair in El Jadida in Morocco, the International Horse Show (SICAB) in Spain, to name just a few!

Meanwhile, they also give courses all over the world, which are open to the public. The opportunity for them to share their passion, but also to highlight what has become a real philosophy of life: respect and understanding, patience and trust as the basis of the relationship with the horse.

Their courses are very successful: more and more horse lovers dream of living the relationship that both artists and trainers have with their horses. Each participant wants to understand, too, how to develop in his horse’s ability to control himself, to think, to excel, to trust, how to evolve the pleasure to communicate and cooperate with it.

Today, Magali and Frederic have created a show that combines the horse, music, dance and multimedia. Through this project, they want to invite the public to a new journey full of poetry, sensitivity, energy and humour. A quest for harmony between humans and animals, between man and earth. A dream in which horses freely express their talents and become artists in their own right.

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Ben Atkinson


Ben is a professional stunt rider, horse trainer and rider from East Yorkshire. He is well known for his appearances in film, TV and live events, with an enviable list of projects including Victoria, Peaky Blinders and Poldark! The family business, Atkinson Action Horses, is one of the most respected equestrian services companies to the film and television industries, supplying highly trained horses, riders and trainers for a variety of disciplines and stunts.

As you would expect with such a career, Ben’s horsemanship is spellbinding. He will wow you with fearless stunt riding, classical dressage and the art of Liberty! And now he can teach you to do the same…

And if you haven’t seen it yet, you can rent or download Organised Equestrian’s debut film ‘At home with Ben Atkinson’, a one-off special feature documentary on how to train a horse for Liberty, bridle-less riding and maybe even the movies! See the trailer below and download details below…

Ben has enviable horsemanship knowledge in so many areas, there is not much that he couldn’t help with! Maybe some ground skills, Liberty, of course, Classical Dressage… the choice is yours!