Hanna Walton

Horse Trainer, Hanna Walton Equestrian

Hanna Walton is a horse development specialist and event rider based in Hertfordshire.

Her philosophy centres around the blending of the natural horsemanship worlds with the classical disciplines.

When she was young she was always given the tricky horses to work with and found natural horsemanship at a young age, working with Monty Roberts and then training with Pat and Linda Parelli. She worked as a 2* Parelli Professional and a horse development specialist for Carmen Zulauf in Switzerland.

Hanna is also an event rider and trains with some of the top professionals in the world including Ros Canter and Sarah Bullimore. She works frequently with Tik Maynard, who shares her passion for celebrating the middle ground between two worlds.

After her time in Switzerland, Hanna began to develop her own way of working, with a focus on blending eventing with her experience working with some of the world’s best horsemen. 

Now, she brings this together at her base in Hertfordshire, where her team start, train and rehabilitate between 100-150 horses a year. Some of these horses have behavioural challenges, deemed quirky or untrainable, some have had difficult starts in life, others are being rehabilitated from injury or trauma but many have owners who want to set their horses up with a solid foundation that equips them with the skills for life. Hanna has a number of owners who’s horses she competes, as well as, her own horses who are all competing at different BE levels. 

She also offers lessons, clinics and intensive training stays exploring a range of disciplines all underpinned with a natural approach to relationship building and horse training.

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Link tree: https://linktr.ee/hannawaltonequestrian

Email: info@hannawalton.co.uk

Website: www.hannawalton.co.uk