Claire Burgess


Claire has been teaching students around the country for the last 10 years. Having trained directly with Pat & Linda Parelli she was awarded a scholarship to teach their programme. 

She can help you resolve behavioural issues, build understanding & confidence to create a solid foundation on the ground & in the saddle. Then for those students that want to go further she can help you develop the Art of Liberty, Playing with Multiple horses & Free riding (bareback & bridleless).

She helps students turn from horse lovers into successful horsemen & women.  Helping their horses become calm, happy, motivated and willing partners whatever your discipline.  She works not only on the horses’ physical behaviour but also on connecting and influencing them mentally (argumentative) and emotionally (fearful) too.

Claire is keen on self-development and ensures she takes time out every year to push her own horsemanship forward, which in turn reflects in her teaching standard year on year. Although Claire is not a trained specialist you don’t get good at what you do without a good level of understanding on Biomechanics (the way horses move), Saddle and Bridle fitting as well as Back and Body Health in horses.

Claire regularly teaches private & shared lessons around Essex, Suffolk & Cambridge. Or, you can visit her beautiful private yard near Chelmsford, Essex for Courses, Clinics, Lessons & Workshops.  Thanks to the current climate Claire is basing a lot of her educational workshops online so you can enjoy from where ever you are in the country.

“Build a partnership you can rely on to keep you safer & stretch your imagination of what is possible with your horses” Claire Burgess

07894 873008


Buy 5 hours & get 1 hour FREE

Showcase offer only 

New customers: Buy 1 hours Horsemanship lesson and get the second hour FREE    (hours to be taken together on the same day)



Online workshops

Intensive distance coaching group (4 week webinar course) – £100

    • Ridden or Liberty course over the winter months
    • Weekly Q & As with Claire & in an small support group. Giving you the opportunity to learn with & from other students no matter where you live. 
    • Weekly tasks and videos to support you along your individual journey
    • Includes a distance coaching video with you and your horse

Webinar evenings – different topics throughout winter months (evenings) – £35

Horsemanship skills day – £55  (10am – 3pm)

Held at Claires yard. Giving you the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge to surprise your horses with a head start. Improve your feel and timing with useful simulations throughout the day. 

  • Rope Handling
  • Feel
  • Timing
  • Balance
  • Lightness
  • Various levels
  • Imagination
  • Progression