Institute for the Study of Natural Horse Care Practices



About Our Training program

The Natural Trim Training Program is a comprehensive, academic, hands-on, and career-oriented introductory course to natural hoof care (NHC). The natural trim is taught within the context of the Four Pillars of natural horse care (NHC). These pillars are the foundations of natural care based on the wild horse model. They include natural boarding, natural horsemanship, a reasonably natural diet, and the natural trim. 

Many ask, what exactly is a “natural trim? And why do this for horses?”

The natural trim is a proven humane, barefoot trimming method that mimics the natural wear patterns of wild, free-roaming horses (aka, the “mustang”) of the U.S. Great Basin. The natural trim “triggers” natural growth patterns just like we see in the healthy, sound hooves of wild horses.

Why do we do this? Because the wild horse model not only makes for healthy hooves, it is what nature intends for all horses, regardless of their breed, age, sex, and equestrian discipline.

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