Hoof Bootique

Specialist online shop, selling hoof boots and more for your horse’s hooves

We supply most of the popular brands of hoof boots, including Scoot Boots, Renegades, Floating Boots, Equine Fusion, Cavallo, Swiss Galoppers, Evo Boots and the Easycare range. Hoof boots are available for hire or purchase, and we also offer a large selection of fit kits for hire (these are sizing kits to help check the size and fit of boots before you buy). We have a secondhand section, where we sell on any ex-hire boots, and where customers can advertise any unwanted boots. Alongside our selection of hoof boots and fit kits, we supply boot parts and accessories. We even offer hoof boot services, to help our customers keep their boots working well for longer! We have a selection of natural horse and hoof care products, including the range from Red Horse Products, all with happy, healthy hooves in mind. 

Hoof Bootique started out in 2012 and is growing year on year, as hoof boots and natural hoof care gain in popularity. We are a small team dedicated to providing really supportive customer service, advice and guidance, both before and after your purchase. Right through the process, from measuring your horse’s hooves to choosing and using your hoof boots, we are here to help.

Whether your horse is shod or barefoot, come along and check out our website – for hoof boots, hoof care products, advice and even gift vouchers (for the perfect present!).

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