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Vegan and Gluten Free, with a blend of essential oils.  I added essential oils to the base as these have excellent cleaning and soothing properties.  Each product has its own unique blend of oils.

Over the last few years my product range has been extended.

Henny Feather Soap – ideal for feathered horses, also great for cleaning greys or manes and tails, a truly versatile cleaning soap that leaves the hair soft and it smells great

Henny Body Soap – Designed for use on the body with a blend of oils to promote hair shine and skin condition, also has added bees wax

Henny Mane and Tail Soap – Designed to promote hair growth and skin condition, and helps with detangling and leaves hair clean and soft

Lottalove Dog Soap – With a blend of oils especially suitable for dogs with oils that can help repel fleas and ticks

Henny Bucket Bombs – A fun bomb that is dropped into a bucket to hot cloth wash,  use after exercise or clipping and you do not need to rinse it out, two types one with a blend of cooling oils and one with blend of warming oils

Henny Soap Bars – These are for spot cleaning or massage various different types are available

Henny Feather Oil – This is a blend of a natural mineral and plant oil with added essential oils, this is great for protecting feathers / mane or tails from mud and staining, and is a kinder alternative to pig oil and sulphur as it doesn’t dry the skin out or sting any sores. It can also be made plain with no essential oils or just as a plain mineral oil that can replace baby oil, or your standard pig oil.  It is also great to pop in a bucket to wash down after exercise clipping or just for a cloth wash

Henny Sun Cream – A fun coloured sun cream for protecting sensitive skin from the suns ray, the SPF is approximately 50, as it is hand made it may vary very slightly.  When the colour wears off reapply the cream

The range is always evolving and I have a leg cream which is idea for mud fever, typical hair leg issues, minor cuts and rubs, I also have some barrier cream in the testing stages, the results are looking promising for both mudfever protection, and for the areas the flies bit on a sweet itch horse that can’t be covered.


To use the soap:

Wet the area you wish to wash thoroughly, apply a small amount of soap by hand if on feathers, or by sponge if on body, rub well into the roots of the hair and leave for five minutes and rinse, it is better to use warm water, but works as well with cold water. 

I recommend you do a test patch first to check for sensitivity to the product, as some horses are more sensitive than others to certain oils.

Ideally use within 6 months of opening or a year from purchase whichever comes first.


Other info:

The soap has no consistency stabilisers in, so it will be affected by different external temperatures, if its very cold it will get harder / freeze, easily rectified by moving to a warmer location, or popping in a bucket of warm water (lid firmly attached to tub and do not submerge), if you leave it in your car in warm weather it will melt, or put it next to your radiator, or in direct sunlight, if left in the heat for prolonged periods it may separate, a good shake will sort out any separation, it can still be used and works well.

There is a product datasheet available to download if you require further information from my website.  

There are no nut oils used in this product and it is neem and tea tree oil free, and no palm oil or any other oils from unsustainable sources, all ingredients are readily available, and all sourced from licenced British firms and are either food grade or cosmetic grade ingredients.

The soap is a vegetable based soap with a minimum of 15% – 20% vegetable Glycerine, the remaining soap ingredients are derived from fatty acids / natural oil, mineral salt and spring water. Glycerine has natural benefits on the hair and skin, it offers moisturising benefits, and helps with dry skin and hair, it is great for sensitive horses, it is non irritant and locks in moisture without blocking pores, there are no synthetic chemicals used in the product at all.

I wash my dogs in it, I wash my horse rugs and dog beds in it, and I use it on my dirty hands when I come in from the yard, it is a truly effective and versatile soap, which is kind to your horse and kind to your hands.

Check oils for sensitivity – Soap can be made plain with no oils if required.  The soap is water-soluble.

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