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Harmony Equitation combines Horse Behaviour and Natural Biomechanics into a horse friendly, ethical training methodology that treats all horses as individuals and allows everyone to develop a deeper understanding of their horse, and training practices that prepare horse thoroughly whilst keeping them sound.

Many horses are written off, we put them back together
The services we offer provide a completely holistic approach to equine wellness. We have a team of specialists that we have worked with for years providing excellent support for the process of health and recovery.

Many ailments for both sport and leisure horses are caused by unnatural diets, environments,
and training methods that are common in the horse world. When we take on a rehab horse we start with these basics as the foundation for returning horses to health and soundness.

​Paddock Paradise (track systems) provide instant relief from stress, digestive upset and confinement. Horses live in a herd and are able to exhibit normal behaviours such as mutual grooming, group sleeping and eating together. ​High fibre, low sugar food is available at all times, supported by nutritionally balanced hard feed and herbs. Horses are able to move all the time, as much or as little as they like, freeing them from stiffness and muscle discomfort.

Barefoot is a huge part of the rehabilitation process, whether your horse is already barefoot but still having issues, newly transitioned or shod, we are able to provide expert hoof care from day 1.
Training by Jaime Jackson and an instructor of the ISNHCP hoof care program Jennie Blakehill has wealth of knowledge that will set your horse up for success barefoot. The Natural Trim™ guides the hoof back to a natural state with healing supported by diet, terrain, and movement. Trimming can be done as often as needed, this can be weekly or biweekly at the start of the process, Jennie is on hand every step of the way.

​Training is a minefield, there are so many methods and ideas all claiming to be the next best thing. Once again simplicity is key. Most horses start their ridden careers with very little knowledge of how to use their bodies, often started too young with too much demanded at an early age. We start by teaching horses awareness, how to respond lightly and appropriately to a request, and how to tune in and listen on a deeper level. All horses are capable of communicating, but some have had to resort to destructive and violent behaviour in order to be heard. Whilst safety is key, it is important that horses are not shut-down and forced to comply, but rather given the opportunity to be understood.

​The training we do at Harmony Equitation sits somewhere in the realms of Natural Horsemanship, Classical Dressage and Modern Biomechanism. It is all for these, yet in many ways goes beyond the written doctrine and has become a holistic concept that teaches horses the life skills they need to succeed in any sphere.
Rehab packages are tailor-made to individual horses, in general, we recommend a minimum of 3 months stay. We assess all horses prior to their arrival and provide a clear plan of action for each horse.​

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