Professional Glitter Quarter Marks


Custom designs, logos and text that can be applied to horses for decoration and marketing

Glamourati sparkled into the Equestrian world in 2014 with their innovative, professional glitter quarter markers. They have blazed a trail through equestrian news and have fast become THE name associated with sparkle and sophistication worldwide!

Taking equestrian glitter standards to soaring new heights, Glamourati have been invited to decorate horses at Olympia, HOYS, for the GB Snow Polo Team, the GB Vaulting Team and have even been commissioned for competitions as far out as Barbados!


The Product

Glamourati only use the highest quality, cosmetic grade ingredients for maximum safety and maximum sparkle on horses and humans.

Glamourati glitter quarter markers are:

  • easy to apply – no artistic skill required
  • durable – with reasonable care, even under rugs, the quarter marks can last for 2-3 days in perfect quality
  • easy to remove – simply wipe off with a wet cloth
  • totally safe – only premium quality and cosmetic grade ingredients, sourced in the UK
  • stylish & contemporary – crisp, clear, unique designs with great detail
  • sooooo sparkly – a special glitter, cut in a specific way to maximise sparkle
  • customisable – horse names and sponsor/team logos


Glamourati’s glitter quarter markers use only cosmetic grade ingredients, are easy to apply and simple to remove. Riders can add professional sparkle and flair to their horses and ponies without needing any artistic skill. Create custom logos or text, or choose from a range of existing designs from unicorns and stars, to country flags. 

Glamourati’s premium product range is made in the UK and beautifully presented in kits of various sizes and themes from £19.99 to £59.99, or available to buy as single pieces for bespoke creations.

It is the perfect bling accessory for the discerning equestrian!

Glamourati stencils are particularly special. They have been developed specifically for use on horses and are one of the key reasons our glitter tattoos look so amazing!

Glamourati Stardust is like no glitter you have seen before! Taking sparkle to new heights, each pot is a glittering bounty of magical dust, waiting to add shimmer and style.

Our luxury kits contain everything you need to theme your horse or pony with sparkling horsey designs!

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