Officially the World’s No.1 for Equine Back Protection



Equitex was the brainchild of Johannes Spitaler in 1991, a dedicated horseman and equine chiropractic specialist.

Johannes’ mission was simple; to educate the worldwide equine market of the orthopaedic importance of a functional saddle pad and to develop a product to be the best thing you can have between your saddle and the horses’ back.

Using high quality materials, manufactured in South Tyrol, Italy, our drive to search for ongoing improvements in model development and production methods together with our experience, competence, and ultimately our love for horses is the recipe for the success of Equitex.

Equitex saddle pads protect the horse’s back form the pressures and impact of ridden work. They are reactive to the horse’s muscles and responsive to the way the horse moves. All components are hand cut and meticulously layered together to give high-performance pads that can endure hours of contact with the horse.
Amanda Fisher discovered Equitex in 2019 and launched Equitex UK to bring this outstanding product to equestrians to the British market.

Today the Equitex UK are the exclusive distributor of Equitex to the UK and Ireland.

Original sold exclusively online, but now available to purchase via the Equitex Boutique and at premier equestrian events throughout the UK.

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