Horse Education Company


The Horse Education Company is an indie horsegoods maker with a focus on horse-centric design, evergreen purpose and bespoke style. Some of our most well-known designs include the patented Hybrid Headcollar and the Retracting Pocket Flag.

An established global brand, new to the UK in 2021, HEC designs are on thousands of horses since we began trading in 2013, including multiple Olympic mounts, world champions and much loved paddock princesses.

No matter what you select from HEC, it will change your horse’s life for the better – making YOU easier for him to understand. And frankly, less annoying.

Seen around the world on jet setting horses, these items can be an abundant upgrade to your horse’s current set of clothes, helping her be fully present with you and attuned to your direction, every moment you are together.

If you have found us, you are most likely a forward thinking horse owner or trainer who appreciates beauty and isn’t afraid to do things differently.

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