Western Equestrian Society


The Western Equestrian Society was established in 1985 by a small group of enthusiasts aiming to elevate awareness of Western Riding in the UK and uphold high standards in each discipline.

Over the years, the society has expanded and is open to riders of all ages, riding any breed of horse. The Western Riding community is known for its warm embrace, catering to individuals of all skill levels and interests.

The Western Equestrian Society is dedicated to supporting you and your horse throughout your journey. With WES-approved instructors nationwide, finding a local Western Riding Instructor is convenient through the WES website. We encompass those new to western riding through to international level competition and those that just enjoy western riding on the trail .

With 13 Areas there is always lots going on and a great social network. For further details or to join, visit our website www.wes-uk.com. Stay updated on clinics, camps, shows, and social events by following us on Facebook, just search Western Equestrian Society Discussion Forum.

Our Mission: To promote high standards of Western Equitation and stimulate the growth of these riding disciplines.

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