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Total Horsemanship was formed 17 years ago to help organise and run horsemanship clinics, horse starts and demonstrations for Australian Master Horseman, David Stuart in the UK and Ireland and since helped organise events for some of the world’s finest, including Buck Brannaman and Mike Bridges.

Total Horsemanship also prides itself on making and supplying the very highest quality horsemanship equipment, using the best quality ropes, Tuff Tack, Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of ropes for Equestrians, Skiers, Mariners and Arborists.

Soft and pliable, the lead ropes are designed for extreme weather conditions and maximum abrasion resistance for long life when used in mud, sand, sweat and dirt. Made from 100%. polyester and with double braid construction (braid on braid), they are the next step up from marine ropes.

The halters are expertly tied using traditional knots and the lead ropes are spliced to length in the UK. The rope is kind to animals and human hands, UV resistant, colour fast, fully washable, low abrasion and rot and mildew free. All halters, ropes and reins are made from the same material and can be purchased in any length.

Total Horsemanship appreciates the Grandfathers of the current ‘Natural Horsemanship Movement’, Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt, stocking their educational DVD’s, along side Buck Brannaman, Mike Bridges and Martin Black.

The other piece of equipment that Tom and Ray largely relied upon, apart from the halter and lead rope, was the Horseman’s Flag. Total Horsemanship stock 2 types of flag; The Professional Stainless Steel Horseman’s Flag and the lighter Premium Composite Fibreglass Flag with a multi layer epoxy coating. The Premium flags are durable and weather resistant, lightweight and well balanced. At 44” in length, the shaft is long enough to expose your horse to the movement and feel of the flag from a safe distance.

For professional, quality equipment, Total Horsemanship can fulfil your horsemanship needs.

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