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Welcome to the Western Saddler Ltd. where I have been putting horse comfort first for 16 years. I work with companies who specialise in horse comfort and stock a wide variety of shapes and sizes that can fit your horse to perfection. Companies that I work with include: Pullman, Equiflex, AK Saddles, Mattes, Barefoot, Equiscan and more. Stocking both treeless and treed, new and second hand, along with bareback pads. 

Of course, as with any saddle must come the accessories: my favourite has to be the Mattes pads/cinches/girths as they are the most comfortable for the horse that I have found so far. As it stands, I am one of the longest standing western saddle fitters in the UK. I am also the longest standing retailer of Mattes western products in the UK which is testament in itself to how much I recommend them. The pads and cinches whilst an investment are worth every penny as they are almost entirely customisable depending on horse and owner, made out of the finest 100% genuine sheepskin, and in addition they offer a correction system made up of shims that can fine tune saddle fit to allow even the most unusually shaped horse, mule or donkey to have the best riding experience possible. 

Barefoot is a great option, they are not as expensive, easy to order in yet the quality is brilliant. They are more straightforward to fit but do not fit all. TWS can give fitting advice based on many years of treeless saddle fitting in real life. Barefoot saddles are good for those who like western saddles without the high price tag, as long as they fit. They also have a beautiful selection of western and English tack, from side pulls, headstalls and reins – there are some beautiful options. 

We do a selection of bareback pads that we picked for horse comfort first and foremost. Bareback pads are ideal for riders who prefer a more natural experience. They are also very useful to help work out if behavioural issues are due to the existing saddle or not.

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