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Horse Healer and Trauma Specialist, Hannah Jones is the UK’s first Mind, Body & Spirit Horse Healer of her kind. She helps to identify the root cause of horse’s problems and releases them, resolving any issues the horse may be experiencing.

Working with the spirit of the horse on a soul level creates connection and trust. Spirituality is the horse’s first language, so this is where Hannah always begins. Hannah helps horses reconnect with their spirit. She believes spiritual health is the foundation to emotional and physical wellbeing. All three must be in balance for horses to live in true happiness and harmony.

Most horses have experienced trauma in their lives, which has never been released. This trauma still lives within their mind, body & spirit if it is not released. Many horses aren’t helped through their trauma on this level, so they repress the trauma and suppress the emotions they find too difficult to deal with.

Hannah’s work brings these memories to the surface, for the horse to process and release. Horses are incredible at protecting themselves, so they do what they need to do to survive, but they never forget.

Trauma in horses can manifest in many ways. Including; negative behaviour, over-reactive horses, shutdown horses and horses being triggered. This can cause them to freeze or become explosive in that moment in time.

Hannah works closely with the emotions of the horse and how they are really feeling. Being clairsentient, Hannah can feel the emotions of the horse, along with subtle energy changes when they happen. She helps horses feel safe and heard, so they can open up and express how their emotions are making them feel.

Hannah’s passion about the holistic health of our horses lead to the creation of her online course for horse owners. The Holistic Horse Health & Harmony Course is an 8 module course to help you understand your horse on a much deeper level, help them through any issues they are having and create the connection you’ve always wanted. From offering essential oils to releasing your horse’s spine, there is something for everyone within this inclusive and interactive course.

The Sabre Holistic Retreat is a special place horses come to heal. Horses come to the retreat to treat a vast range of issues, from very deep trauma to aggression and pain. Horses also come for a mind, body & spirit evaluation, to find out how healthy they really are.

The retreat is based in beautiful North Wales and offers the below services:

  • Holistic Day
  • 3 Day Mini Retreat
  • Intensive Retreat
  • Horse & Owner Retreat
  • Holistic Horse Connection Camps

Being a fully qualified & insured Masterson Method Certified Practitioner, Reiki Master, Holistic Therapist and Remedial Saddle Fitter, your horse will experience many different modalities during their retreat visit.

To find out more about Hannah’s work visit her website and follow her social pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to watch the variety of sessions she does and how she works with retreat horses.

To sign up for the Holistic Horse Health & Harmony online course follow this link

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